Dining Room

For lighting to be effective in a Dining Room, it should have the capability to set a relaxing, romantic mood, as well as a festive, holiday mood. Highlight the dining room table as the focal point with a light fixture centered above. A dimmer switch is a great feature to incorporate into your lighting plan to allow for different occasions or moods. TIP: In addition to a chandelier above your dining table, add wall sconces, on either side of art work, collectibles, or niches. We also suggest using torchieres and buffet lamps for this feature to incorporate layers of light to your room, adding to a spectacular dining experience for you and your guests. For a distinct design statement, install a decorative ceiling medallion with your chandelier.


What size chandelier do I need for my dining room?
Measure the size of your rectangular or square dining table and deduct one foot from the width of the table to determine an appropriate sized chandelier for your space. Rooms with a high ceiling or that have a large round dining table can accommodate a larger chandelier to call attention to the setting.
How high should I hang the chandelier in my dining room?
Generally, chandeliers should be hung high enough so that diners can see each other across the table. For higher ceilings, raise the chandelier so that the chandelier, and not the chain, is the focal point. If your ceiling is 8 feet high, the bottom of the chandelier should be 30 inches above the table. For a higher ceiling, the chandelier may be raised 3 inches for each foot of ceiling height above 8 feet. For example for a 10 foot ceiling the proper height would be 36 inches (30+6).
What is the recommended wattage for my dining room chandelier?
For a multi-armed chandelier, where the bulbs will be visible, 25 watts per socket will provide adequate dining light. Shades can also be used to hide the bulbs, but you should not use over 40 watts per socket or the shades may burn. If you have a chandelier where the bulb is not visible, you can use the recommended maximum wattage for the fixture. Always install a dimmer switch in order to lower the lights for dining.