Decorating with Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are some of the most popular styles of interior home lighting in the modern day. There are looks for every room and space, from petite strings of delicate bulbs to chandeliers that demand attention. There are even minimalist styles that can be hung in tall hallways or other simple spaces.

Here is your guide to decorating with hanging lighting:

String Lights

Also called fairy lights or tube lights depending on how they are designed, these lights are no longer just for holiday decorating. String lights have become a popular choice for everything from outdoor applications like porches and patios to indoor spaces like bedrooms and more. Use them for children’s room to add whimsy or to warm up the look of your home’s entryway for guests. Just be sure that you choose lights that are UL listed for wet spaces if decorating outdoors.


Nothing makes a bold statement like a chandelier. Whether dripping with crystals or muted with metal tones, these fixtures are the perfect accent to a grand living room, a formal dining room, or anywhere you want to add more visual appeal. Look for models that support bulbs that are easy to find. Specialty lighting may be beautiful, but it can be difficult to maintain, especially if you are on a budget!

Simple Suspended Lights

Have you ever seen a striking light fixture that featured a single light suspended from a cord? These suspended lights are becoming more popular, especially when used in large rooms with high ceilings. They are also perfect options for outdoor lighting, since they can be suspended from very high places but drape low enough to their light to be useful in illuminating commonly used spaces.

Whatever type of hanging lights you use, be sure that the supportive fixtures are maintained properly and regularly checked for damage. Nothing is worse than having a light fall, especially if it is in a space where children or animals may be present. Prevent this with regular maintenance, and your hanging lights will beautifully illuminate your space for years to come.

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