Do Energy-Efficient Lights Really Make a Big Difference?

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Lighting is very important for making your home safer and more functional. Lighting illuminates your home at night, so you can walk safely and locate the things you need. Lighting has changed greatly in recent years with the advent of more energy-efficient lighting and more innovative systems. If you are considering a visit to your local lighting store at Premier Lighting, here are some important ways that energy-efficient lighting makes a big difference.

Lower Your Power Bill

Lighting can run up your power bill during the long winter nights when the sun goes down sooner. Energy-efficient lighting, such as Energy Star-approved lights, will help lower your power bill by using less power. According to Spark Energy, since 1992, federal Energy Star programs have helped reduce the nation’s electricity consumption by 5 trillion kilowatt-hours.

Enjoy Better Lighting

You can get brighter light while using less energy when you install energy-efficient lighting. LED lights are especially bright but don’t give off heat like incandescent bulbs and others that typically heat up when lit. The bulbs are also very small and take up less space, which helps to hide them until needed. You also can buy more conventionally styled bulbs that replace incandescent bulbs and similar types to deliver even better lighting.

Increase Your Lighting System’s Service Life

You’ll make fewer trips to the lighting store for replacement bulbs and lighting fixtures when using energy-efficient lighting. The systems use less power, which means they endure less wear and tear while on. The bulbs also tend to be much longer-lasting than traditional incandescent lights that you might have now. You can get a significantly longer service life from bulbs and lighting that cost about the same as the bulbs you are using now.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Longer-lasting lights don’t require frequent repairs or lots of replacement bulbs. They give off excellent light without enduring damaging heat. The cooler operation and longer-lasting bulbs combine to make energy-efficient lighting systems relatively maintenance-free. You get a better return on your lighting investment while saving money on maintenance and replacement costs.

As you can see, energy-efficient lighting really does make a big impact. Call or visit our lighting store at Premier Lighting today to learn more and get prices on energy-efficient lighting for your home or place of business.

Posted 3/14/24