Everything to Know About Recessed Light

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What do you know about recessed lighting? You might have it all around your house and not know what it’s called. It’s vital to understand the differences between recessed and regular lighting when installing it, otherwise, it could cause problems in the long run. For example, recessed light needs six inches of separation from the ceiling and proper insulation to avoid creating condensation in your fixtures. It also helps to know which lighting stores to go to. Let’s find out more about this type of lighting!

What Is It?

This kind of lighting is typically built into the ceiling instead of attached to it. The lightbulb is in an enclosed space so that all the brightness is directed downward. You can add them after you complete your home, but most of the time it’s installed during construction because it’s a bit more complicated. They’re a fantastic option and can be found at many lighting stores.

The Parts of Recessed Lighting

First, the housing is the part of the fixture that goes into the ceiling. It’s normally a tubular space or can that’s inside the drywall. Secondly, there’s the trim, which is the edge that covers any gaps between the housing and the drywall. There’s the reflector, which is a piece of metal that will reflect the lighting of the room. Finally, there’s the socket, where you place the lightbulb, and it might come directly with the housing or separately.

Before Buying It

Before you purchase recessed lighting, you need to think about the kind of brightness you want in your house. Consider whether the area will benefit from straight downward lighting or task lighting. Luckily, many lighting stores will be able to help determine what you need.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of recessed lighting will vary depending on what you pick. The remodeled boxes are around $20 each, but there are even cheaper options out there. Meanwhile, you can add recessed lighting to an unfinished ceiling for only $8 each, however, it’s always better to buy them in bulk.

Now you know enough about recessed lights to decide if you can install them in your home. Once you decide, you can check out Premier Lighting – one of the best stores out there. You can check out their online store and order right from your home!