Full Spectrum Lighting Myths and Facts

Full spectrum light myths

Full spectrum light is the new darling of the lighting industry. Intended to mimic natural daylight, it’s said to emit ultraviolet radiation, help plants to grow, and improve vitamin D levels. The marketplace is heaving with pseudoscientific claims, but also some impressive benefits:

Full Spectrum Light Improves Sleep: Myth

The Lighting Research Center discovered many benefits for full spectrum sources, but sleep quality wasn’t one of them. This kind of light source can boost productivity and mental awareness. It can even boost retail sales, but results for insomnia weren’t quite what some marketers might have hoped for.

Full Spectrum Fluorescent Lamps Can Provide Enough UV Radiation: Myth

Full spectrum lamps don’t quite emit enough UV light to impact health. Their UVB intensity will only provide the equivalent of one minute of natural sunlight every eight hours.

Brightness Affects Plant Growth: Fact
If you’re using grow lights to aid your indoor plants, don’t look at lumens. Plants require the kind of light that the human eye cannot pick up. Since LEDs produce a little heat, they should be placed a safe distance from your plants to avoid photoinhibition.

Full Spectrum Sources Improve Alertness: Partially True

If you want your light to make you feel more focused and alert, you need a blue white LED, which will suppress melatonin and might improve circadian rhythms. Since there are a huge array of approaches to full spectrum light sources, there is no easy way to establish efficacy beyond that short wavelengths are needed during the day.

Full spectrum light sources provide a positive association with daylight, which can be good for psychological well-being. They also reflect color faithfully, which makes them superb task lights. Of course, your reduced utility bills will lighten your mood and wallet, too.

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