Google Home Lights Feature

Google Home Lights Feature

Google Home and similar digital assistants (such as Amazon Alexa) have the ability to control a wide range of appliances and devices. This includes lights, as long as the light bulb or the light fixture has a Wi-Fi connection. These specialized devices can communicate back and forth between Google Home and the light.

How it Works

Before Google Home is able to tell a light to turn off or on, it first needs to know the light is there. To do this, a partnering application must be installed onto a phone or tablet. The partnering app is specific to the brand of light bulb used (such as Philips Hue). Once the application is installed, it will detect the bulbs in the house. It will then search for any active digital assistants. When Google Home is detected, the application will ask if you want to pair the two together (similar to a Bluetooth pairing). After you select yes, the bulb and assistant will connect.

Using Google Home

Some lighting systems allow you to assign each bulb or fixture to a room. This way, you can tell Google Home which rooms you want lit. These options are available in the partnering app.

Now that everything is configured and set up through the partnering application, all that needs to be done is tell Google Home to turn the lights on or off. Google Home responds to “OK Google.” This tells the assistant to prepare for a command. Following the prep command you need to say “turn on lights” or whatever custom commands you configured with the app.
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