How to Choose the Best Indoor Light Fixture for Your Home

If you, like many other Americans, take pride in how beautiful your home looks, it is imperative that you pay close attention to detail and make sure that every aspect of your home is well-maintained. An often overlooked part of interior decor is the design and quality of an interior light fixture that is in our home. Poor-quality light fixtures harm the look of your home, and given their role in our lives, are impossible to hide. Given that the average American household spends $1,945 on appliances, heating, electronics, cooling, and lighting, it is important to learn more about the differentiators between light fixtures. Luckily, this article will help clear up some questions you may have on selecting the best indoor lighting fixtures.


One of the most important considerations for anything in our home is its style and the way it fits with our current furnishings. Luckily, the best providers will offer a vast array of styles, ranging from nautical to contemporary modern!


Finish refers to the outside surface of the indoor light fixture and basically is the outside appearance. The finish is very important to consider when determining your light fixture since it can have a huge impact on the aesthetic of your home. There are many different varieties of finish, such as black, bronze, and silver. Working with your lighting store will help you determine the best finish for your home and the style you have chosen.


Dimensions, or size, is another vital thing to consider when purchasing a new light fixture. Specifically, dimensions refer to the length, width, and height of your indoor light fixture. If your home lighting fixture is too big, or too small, it will have a negative impact on the look of your home. By working closely with lighting stores, you can pick your perfect fit.

Light Output

The last category we’ll be discussing is the light output of your indoor light fixture. The light output is measured in lumens, which is basically the way that the brightness of the light is measured. This brightness is often also grouped with the color of the light, ranging from a candlelight style to daylight. This is what really impacts how your light fixture will impact the mood of your home, and thus it is important to make the right choice. The light cannot be too bright, nor too dim. Finding the right balance is vital when determining this.

Now, you should feel much more confident when purchasing a new indoor light fixture! If you’re ready to brighten your life, purchase your new indoor light fixture with Premier Lighting, specialists who will ensure you get the best possible experience and find a light you love.