How to Save Money on Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is crucial, and it is a vital part of creating the best space for you and your family. Homeowners must know what to install and how they can save money because lighting costs will add up in the long run if you don’t have the correct type. The Department of Energy has calculated that a typical American household spends up to 10% of its budget on lighting alone. Luckily, there are several options to consider. Let’s take a look at ways to save money with your outdoor lighting!

Pick Efficient Bulbs

Nowadays, there are lightbulbs specifically created to be energy-efficient. Unfortunately, however, most people used to go for incandescent bulbs, which are huge drains on your lighting bill. These bulbs may be cheaper short term, but in the long term, you will end up paying more.

Although these bulbs are no longer sold in America, it is important to know about them. Sometimes, buying a cheap bulb might seem like a great option, especially if you have to buy a bunch at a time. However, if you invest in a slightly more expensive option, you will save much more in the long run.

The most popular energy-efficient bulbs are LEDs. Light-emitting diodes are the best option for the outdoors because they are bright and won’t increase your bill too much. Other customers might opt for CFDs, compact fluorescent lights, which are not as efficient, but may still work for your outdoor lighting. Finally, there are metal halide bulbs, which give natural light and are a popular favorite.

Another great option for saving money is choosing motion-sensing lights for your outdoor areas. That way, you won’t accidentally leave them on all night, and it is a better option for your safety.

Maintenance Is Key

While outdoor lighting is designed to withstand a lot, you still have to check it occasionally to make sure that everything is in top shape. That way, you won’t have to spend more on new items or fixing them once a bigger issue arises.

Now that you know what to buy, it’s time to check out Premier Lighting, which has the best options for your outdoor spaces and anything else you might need!