How to Select the Best Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

One of the most functional things we have around our homes are the lighting fixtures that are both inside and outside of our houses. They make us feel safe and protected from harm when they have motion-sensing capabilities, or they lend a great feeling to our outdoor spaces. There are few things in life that feel much better than comfortably sitting outside of your home in your well-lit patio after a long day and a great dinner. This blog will discuss how to choose the best outdoor lighting fixtures, so read on the learn more!


When selecting outdoor lighting fixtures, it is extremely important that you know what you are purchasing the light for first. If you are clear on the purpose of your light, the entire process becomes much easier for you and will make it easier for the employees at the lighting store to help you. There are many purposes to consider- do you want a light fixture that is dim, but always on? Or do you want a bright light, mostly used for late-night entertaining? Consider your needs and your budget to get to the right answer.


Now that we’ve determined the purpose of our outdoor lighting fixtures, it’s time to focus on an almost equally important decision when buying light fixtures- the design. There are many different designs to choose from. It is important to pick something that suits your sensibilities and that you think will brighten your life for years to come. The design consists of several aspects- the dimension, the type, the style, and the finish.

Dimension refers to the length, width, and height of outdoor lighting fixtures. Type refers to the specific function or placement of the light fixture, such as determining between a wall sconce and a ceiling fixture. The style, which most people think of when they consider the design, is the fashion in which it was made. This is where individual tastes and preferences become extremely important, as there can be dozens of styles for any given type! The finish of a light fixture can be thought of as the outer layer, the color of the coating. This will come in a broad range, from black to bronze.

With over $43 billion spent on purchasing lamps and lighting in 2019 in the United States alone, purchasing outdoor lighting fixtures may seem like a complicated and daunting task, but don’t worry! Premier Lighting has an incredible selection and wonderful staff that is eager to help you purchase outdoor lighting fixtures that will leave you beaming. Order online today!