Lighting for Small Apartments

Light For Small Apartment

School is around the corner, and many students are moving out of dorms and into their first apartment, which is most likely small, cramped, and did we mention small? When decorating homes, many don’t realize the power lighting design has on space. Whether you’re a newlywed or sharing with roommates, here’s how lighting design can make your apartment not so tiny.

Ceiling Mounted Lights

These are like ceiling fan lights, minus the fan. They’re the most efficient way to save space and come in various designs. Ceiling mounted lights can be as flashy or discreet as your heart desires.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are built into your ceiling and create a modern, chic look.  If your apartment comes with these, it’s recommended you point them at walls instead of the floor to create fewer shadows that shrink your space.

Track Lights

Unlike recessed lights, track lights protrude from the ceiling. They’re typically mounted under cupboards, on ceilings, and along the top of walls. Best of all, they work magnificently in small spaces because you can direct the lighting where needed.


Sconces add a classy feel to your room. These wall features take up little space and create a lot of light. You can choose between battery-powered sconces or candle lit for a traditional aesthetic.

Hanging Lights

Whimsical, playful, warm, cheery, cozy—these types of atmospheres can be made with hanging lights. While chandeliers may be too big, pendant lights will create dimension in small areas.

Desk Lamps

Floor lamps can make your apartment look smaller, and misplaced desk lamps can as well. Make sure your desk lamps point toward walls to avoid that.

Don’t let a small apartment get you down. Utilizing lighting design can create space you didn’t know exist. Need lighting features? Contact Premier Lighting today and speak with one of our experts.