Lighting Your Garage

When lighting your home, the garage is often the forgotten room. That is until the night you bang your head against a shelf. Here’s what you need to know about lighting fixtures for your garage.

Additional Lighting

Before you begin planning your lighting design for your garage, keep in mind that you’ll always find yourself needing additional lighting fixtures later. Common places you may need extra light are:

  • Above the garage door
  • Hung items area
  • Areas with appliances
  • Workbenches
  • Storage areas

Popular lighting fixtures include:

Clamp-On Lights

Clamp-on lights are economically efficient and easy to move. They’re perfect for small projects that involve detailed work.

Task Lights

Task lighting features can be installed right above your work areas. When installing, plan accordingly. Make sure the light won’t be in your eyes and that there won’t be any shadows that make it hard to see what you’re doing.

Under-Cabinet Light Fixtures

Under cabinet lighting can either be installed with tube lights or individual bulbs.


More and more homeowners are switching to LED lighting for their garages and workspaces because of their long life, reduced energy use, brightness, and instantaneous even spread. Because of how long they last, LED lights save homeowners money.

Shop Lights

Shop lights are simple – they’re single bars of light fixtures either hung or mounted. Easy-installation shop lights can be plugged into an outlet and are a fast and economically efficient way to light your garage. If you want something more hard-wired, like motion sensors, you’ll have to be willing to pay more. The results are definitely worth the price.

Strip Light Fixtures

Strip light fixtures allow you to totally control your overhead garage lighting. The best part is, they’re easy to use. They provide instant lighting and have no warmup period.

Wraparound Lights

Is your garage ceiling low? Then you should consider wraparound lights. Instead of hanging, they mount to your ceiling so they won’t ever be in the way. This is good for more crowded garages. Wraparound light fixtures provide a lot of light from each side and the bottom.

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