Need a Quick Upgrade for Your Home? Try Home Lighting

home lighting

Shopping at the best lighting stores Scottsdale has to offer is going to help you make big changes in your home for a small investment. Home lighting is often done wrong. Many homeowners have yet to tap into the value that the right indoor lighting brings to the table.

The right home lighting solutions can elevate your space. Lighting is a great way to highlight your home’s features and really set the ambiance in a room. A home lighting specialty store will have the options that help you create a space that you love.

Common Mistakes In Home Lighting Choices

One of the most common mistakes people make when they are choosing home lighting options is to not choose the options that deliver the right amount of light for the room. There is a formula for ensuring that you have the right amount of lighting for your space.

Industry standards are about 70 foot-candles per square foot. You likely have not heard the term foot candles. Foot candles is a measure of light intensity per square foot. To figure out how many footcandles you need per square foot and thereby figure out how many light fixtures you need for the space you will use this formula:

  • Figure out the square footage of the room.
  • Multiply the square footage of the space by 70 which will give you the total lumens for the room. For example, a room with 200 square feet will need 14,000 lumens of light. Next multiple the lumens that you need for the space by 1.40 to factor in light loss from furnishings, drapes, and other light-blocking items.
  • Once you have this information head to your local home lighting store and let the experts there help you choose the right interior lighting for your home. You will also be able to find the exterior lighting that you need as well.

The right lighting can transform your space. It can also help you save on energy costs.

Indoor Lighting That is Built for Energy Efficiency

There is another reason besides aesthetics that you should be making that trip to your local lighting store. Old outdated lighting fixtures eat a great deal of energy. New indoor lighting options are designed to deliver energy-efficient function without sacrificing the level of lighting. For example, residential LED lighting options can use a whopping 75% less energy and last about 3 times longer than traditional lighting sources.

Lighting can have a big impact on a space. Do indoor lighting right by letting the professionals at your lighting store help you make the right choices.