Outdoor Lighting 101

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting outside the home is just as important as lighting inside the home. Outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of your yard, increases safety and improves the time spent outside.

In addition to outdoor lighting attached to the home itself, landscape lighting can add another layer of drama and security to your home.
Outdoor lighting can be placed and used just about anywhere within a yard, emphasizing various focal points throughout. What you emphasize is entirely your choice – have a unique water feature, garden, or pathway that you want lit up to draw the eye in that direction? Outdoor lighting can do just that.

How does a dark sky ordinance affect my lighting?

If you live in a city with dark sky ordinances, make sure you’re aware of the fixtures you’re looking for. Dark sky fixtures are designed to only point down to not obstruct the night sky. If you want to light a patio, a dark sky fixture is not for you.

What size lantern is appropriate around a door?

The size of an outdoor lantern depends on the number of lanterns being used. If one lantern is being used, it should measure approximately one-third the height of the door. If two lanterns are being used, they should measure approximately one-fourth of the door. Also, the center of the light bulb should be approximately 66″ above the bottom of the door.