Outdoor Security Lighting

Outdoor Security Lighting

Landscaping is more responsive to lighting than any interior. Well-placed illumination can bring magic and mystique to your gardens and exterior architecture, but it must also work harder to boost safety and security than any other lights in your home.

Floodlights, well lights, and other LEDs with a wide spread should form your first layer. Begin by identifying landscaping areas that pose security risks such as windows and entrances. Motion sensor lights can support these areas and work well on pathways.


Spotlights and accent lighting can turn an ordinary tree or fire pit into a mystical design feature while simultaneously keeping pathways safely lit. Remember that a hundred focal points are as useful as no focal points, so be stingy with the features you decide to highlight. Architectural details can be enlivened with recessed spotlights, which will safely accent stairs and other uneven land while adding vibrancy to the landscape.

Pathways and Unification

Lighting should draw the eye seamlessly across a scene, and pathways are the perfect tool for this. Path lights are a romantic way to add form to your landscape while simultaneously improving security.

Glare is as much of a security risk as darkness. Visitors must be able to move without losing visibility to over-enthusiastic floodlighting. One of the ways you can overcome light pollution while keeping your exterior well lit is by lighting outward with bulbs set into your architecture. Deck and step lights will accent stairs and hardscaping to keep guests safe as they enter your building.

Form should follow function, a tenet that applies as much to your lighting as any other part of your décor, so begin with practical considerations. Once you’ve taken care of your functional lighting needs, the aesthetics of your landscape will be much easier to refine.

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