Table Lamps – an Old Favorite in Home Decor Lighting

Table Lamps

There are plenty of ways to spice up your interiors. Buying the perfect table lamp is one of them. If you need tips on making sure you get the best lamps for your home, read on.

Determine the Height

Before you start checking out inventories of interior design stores, you’ll want to get the basics. What is the perfect height range for your lamp? Measure from the surface you’ll put the lamp on to your eye level. That’s going to be your base measurement. Divide that by three to get your average height.

Think About the Size

What is the ideal size for your lamp and its shade? If you are putting in the living room, you’ll need to consider balance in the furniture. If the lamp is too small, that’s going to look out of place. If it’s too big, not only will it occupy too much space, it’ll make the rest of your living room feel crowded.

Decide on the Brightness

Consider the location first. Where are you going to put the lamp? What are you going to use it for? If it’s solely for nighttime or bedtime reading, then you’ll want something small and not too bright, just enough to be adequate for you to read in the dark. If you’re putting it in the library, then you’ll need something brighter. A big, sturdy lamp is going to be a good addition to your work desk.

Pick a Shade

Color always plays a factor. When you shop for home decor products, what kind of colors appeal to you? Do you want something bright and cheerful? That will add a burst of color to your room. If you want something that’s going to blend in with the rest of your interiors, you’ll want to pick out something in neutral shades or that picks up the dominant shade in the room.

Get the Right Bulb

When you shop for bulbs, look for 60 watts or more. You can also check out energy-saving LED bulbs. If you’re slowly switching to energy-efficient solutions, then starting with your table lamps wouldn’t hurt.

Shop Wise

Don’t just go to any shops you find online, though. Go to interior design stores like Premier Lighting for excellent quality options and an extensive inventory to choose from. Buying from a trusted shop means you won’t need to worry about your lighting fixtures breaking down any time soon.