The Indoor Lighting Fixtures Your Kitchen Needs

indoor lighting fixture

Having proper kitchen lighting can make all the difference in your living space. As the heart of the home, the kitchen can be used for various purposes, including cooking, relaxing, and playing games. The good news is that you can use different types of lighting to define these zones. Read on to discover the types of lighting to add to your space and the types of lighting fixtures that can help you achieve these effects.

Ambient Lighting

According to HGTV, ambient kitchen lighting ranges from between 5,000-10,000 lumens compared to task lighting, located at counters and sinks, has a minimum of 450 lumens per area. Also known as general lighting, ambient lighting’s role is to provide illumination for the entire room. There are different types of lighting fixtures you can choose from for the most effective ambient lighting. The best indoor lighting fixture will depend on your preferences and your kitchen’s layout. In any case, your options include track lighting, LED downlights, ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, and wall-mounted fixtures.

Task Lighting

Task lighting focuses in on a specific area and does not provide as much illumination as ambient lighting. The goal of task lighting is to provide you with enough light to perform tasks in a specific space. Even if your kitchen space has ambient lighting, adding an indoor lighting fixture for task lighting will help you see smaller objects so you can perform, say, meal prep tasks with more precision. The best type of lighting fixtures for task lighting includes pendant lighting, portable lamps, and recessed fixtures. Fixing LEDs beneath cabinets is another practical option.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting work to highlight areas of interest to enhance the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. It’s best described as decorative lighting and is designed to bring awareness to your kitchen’s strong points. Accent lighting can also be used strategically to make the kitchen appear more spacious. Indoor lighting fixtures that add accent lighting are picture lights, sconces, and under-cabinet lights.

These are the three general lighting types that you could use to make your kitchen more vibrant. To get the most from your kitchen lighting design plan, it is a good idea to incorporate all three types of lighting into your space. Having one central and general source of lighting is not enough for your kitchen. Visit the Premier Lighting website today to start browsing for your next kitchen lighting additions. Call today to speak with a team member!