What You Need to Know About Energy Star Lighting

Home lighting is an essential design element for your home, a huge part of your daily life, and much more. Energy Star home lighting options are trendy because they help to conserve energy. Today, Energy Star home lighting options are abundant. You can have the beautiful home lighting style you want alongside the energy savings that you need. Here are some things that you should know about Energy Star lighting options.

What Does the Energy Star Title Mean?

Energy Star rating is a rating system from the Environmental Protection Agency. To meet the strict standards of the Energy Star rating system, a lighting fixture has to pass several tests. Not every lighting fixture can stand up to the rigorous requirements. Only those fixtures that will save energy can get the seal of approval.

Are They the Right Choice for Your Home?

Energy Star-rated lighting has come a long way over the last two decades. There is no style difference between unrated and Energy Star-rated lighting. You can get all the style features that you love in Energy Star-compliant home lighting fixtures.

Most people choose Energy Star-rated lighting because it does not impact the aesthetic of the lighting, but it does deliver significant cost savings. It is an easy choice for most homeowners. Why not save when you can?

Benefits of Energy Star Lighting

When you choose Energy Star-rated lighting, you choose energy-saving lighting. More importantly, you are not sacrificing style or aesthetics in the process. You can expect to find a great deal of energy savings, have to invest less in lightbulbs over the ownership period, and enjoy a quality lighting source.

There are over twenty requirements that an Energy Star-rated light fixture has to meet to get the Energy Star label, including a manufacturer’s three-year minimum warranty requirement. According to Spark Energy, since 1992, electricity usage has dropped by five trillion kilowatt hours because of the Energy Star program. Energy savings is a great benefit but not the only benefit you can expect.

Energy Star-rated home lighting is quickly becoming the standard in the lighting industry. Learn more about your options by shopping with a trusted lighting store. Shop at Premier Lighting today to find the home lighting that will brighten up your home décor.