Why You Should Use LED Lights for Your Indoor Lighting Installations

indoor lighting

Indoor lighting is a major fixture in home lighting activities. It helps in supplying sufficient light in the house while at the same time providing some warmth, especially during the cold seasons. If you are planning to install indoor lighting in your premises, you need to consider LED light fixtures as they offer several benefits, as discussed below.

1. High Energy Efficiency

Although indoor lighting does not use much energy, it is important if you can still manage to cut down some energy costs. LED lighting is highly known to have 80-90% energy efficiency, which is a significant benefit to homeowners. The United States Department of Energy is the leading advocate of LED lighting. This department believes that LED lighting can reduce the United States’ energy consumption by more than 50%. This is a significant change from the traditional lighting fixtures that lose more than 60% energy on inefficiencies.

2. Long-Lasting

Halogen bulbs and other conventional lighting fixtures are commonly used for less than 20,000 hours. This is a huge disadvantage to homeowners because they will be required to replace their indoor lighting after a few months. However, using LED lighting for indoor lighting brings longevity and consistency. Most of the LED lights are designed to serve an average of 100,000 hours. It is also not common to find LED lights that commonly burn out like halogens.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Anything that has some benefits to the environment and has some sustainability aspects is becoming an instant hit in the world. LED indoor lighting fixtures are considered ecologically sound because they do not have toxic materials that are present in conventional bulbs. Toxic compounds such as mercury and lead cannot be traced in LED lighting, which means that their waste does not have negative impacts on the environment. They can as well be recycled, which is a huge bonus to the environment.

4. Design Flexibility

Design flexibility is another common benefit that is present in LED lighting. These lighting fixtures can be combined in several ways, which will produce a beautiful and attractive illumination. However, it is worth noting that the illumination produced in the indoor lighting fixtures can be controlled. If you use LED for indoor lighting fixtures, you can control light distribution, brightness, shade, and color.

5. Work in Extreme Temperatures

Although interior lighting is not affected by extreme temperatures, it is important to use indoor lighting fixtures that can perform at any temperature. LED lighting systems can be used at any temperature that is prevailing in any environment. They can be used in cold surroundings such as freezer rooms or extreme climates. They can be used in very hot environments in outdoor lighting, especially in garage or street lighting. Fluorescent and incandescent lights will not perform in similar conditions.

6. They Work Instantly

For indoor lighting, it is important to use lighting fixtures that work instantly. You don’t have additional seconds for you to wait before the bulbs work. You want the lights to work immediately so that you can perform your tasks. LED lights don’t take any time to switch on. They can as well be switched on and off without affecting their performance. On the other hand, other types of lighting fixtures take time before they can attain maximum output. It is also worth highlighting that some lighting fixtures will wear and tear if they are turned on and off occasionally.

7. No UV Emissions

Ultraviolet emissions are harmful rays that can have health implications on the skin and eyes. They come as a combination of several rays, including the harmful infrared rays. LED lighting fixtures are very useful, especially when used in indoor lighting, because they do not have ultraviolet emissions. They also don’t have any other harmful rays such as infrared rays.

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