Will Outdoor Lighting Improve the Safety of Your Home?

Outdoor lighting is a great way to add a layer of security protection to your home. According to a recent study by ADT, homes that had outdoor lighting were 7% less at risk of being broken into compared to homes that didn’t have outdoor lighting. There are clear benefits that outdoor lighting delivers that can improve the safety and security of your home. Here are three of those benefits.

It’s a Crime Deterrent

Burglars are opportunists. They’re far more likely to work under the cover of darkness. They move through the shadows to ensure that they’re not recognized or seen by neighbors. When outdoor lighting is installed, you take steps to create an uncomfortable space for thieves to move around. They’ll move on to the next property that doesn’t have lighting installed outdoors.

Lighting is a great crime deterrent for this reason. Strategically placed lighting ensures that if someone comes onto your property uninvited, they’re easy to detect. Burglars and thieves know that you can see them when you have lighting outdoors, so they stay away.

Increased Safety

Installing lighting outdoors helps to improve safety around your home. When you or your family members pull up to your home after dark, they can see anything that may be in the front or backyard such as skunks, raccoons, possums, or toys that could be tripping hazards. Your family’s steps are guided by a well-lit path to the door. If something unfamiliar is around the house, you can easily detect its presence. Lighting is essential to safety.

Of course, installing lighting in outdoor areas also helps reduce the risk of trip and fall accidents around your property. Good lighting can provide protection.

Property Enhancement

Outdoor lighting is a great security feature and improves your home’s appearance at night. A well-lit home is an aesthetically pleasing home. It improves your property value, highlights architectural features, and makes your home an overall safer place to be. Outdoor lighting not only keeps your home safe but also keeps your home’s value secure, too.

Home security must be a priority for everyone. Outdoor lighting is an easy solution for keeping criminals away from your home. Don’t make it easy for thieves and unsavory characters to target your property. Get good quality lighting to illuminate your home at night and keep your family and property safe and secure. Choose Premier Lighting today to get your outdoor lighting from a trusted and experienced source. Contact us today!