3 Smart Tips for Picking the Right Indoor Lighting for Your Home

According to the US Department of Energy, the average American household spends approximately 5-10% of its budget on lighting. However, most homeowners often treat lighting as an afterthought for their interiors. This happens when you view indoor lighting for its utilitarian value instead of a feature that can add aesthetic value to your home.

When done right, light fixtures could be the elements that bring out the tone, style, and ambiance of your home. There is far more to indoor lighting than picking out an attractive chandelier at the lighting store. Here are several tips to help you design your interior lighting.

1. Know Your Options

Most homeowners will often expect a single source of light to suffice for all their needs. There are far greater lighting fixtures at your disposal than the dreaded overheads. Most interior design experts agree that lighting works best in layers. You may need to check off the three major types; ambient, task, and accent.

Accent lighting highlights a particular focal point for your home. You can order picture lights or wall-mounted light fixtures to do the trick. Task lights assist in completing a specific function while in the room. These could be desk lamps for reading to pendant lights in the over your dining area. Ambient lighting lights up the room in its entirety, making it easier to move around. Chandeliers and floor lamps are great examples.

Understanding how the lighting options work can help you create the best layers corresponding to the setting or application of the room.

2. Let the Room Dictate Your Choice

Now that you understand your indoor lighting options, the next step is to determine where and how to place the different light fixtures. The first tip is to think about the focal point in each room. Give something for the eye to focus on. Differently sized lights and lamps can help accentuate the centerpiece without competing for attention with it.

Your focal point could be a large chandelier or a uniquely designed desk lamp. In larger rooms, a dramatic light such as hanging fixtures may draw the eye, making the space more appealing. Floor lamps are excellent choices for small rooms. They may give an impression that a room is larger than it seems. Consult with experts at the local lighting store in Tucson to find the right fit for every room.

3. Consider the Size and Scale of Your Indoor Lighting Fixtures

Getting the scale of the lighting fixtures correct is essential in creating the right balance for your home. Placing an extremely large lamp in a small room can make it seem cluttered. The key is to ensure that the indoor lighting is evenly spread. A good rule of thumb is to pick out a lighting fixture with a diameter in inches equal to the sum of the length and width of the room in feet. For example, if your room is 12 ft. by 13 feet, 12+13= 25, your major fixture ought to be 25 ft.

Your indoor lighting is more than just a utility feature in the home. The correct light fixtures can enhance the beauty and functionality of your spaces. For more information on how to light your home to make it look great, reach out to Premier Lighting.