Home Decoration is an Art and Science

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home and you’re excited to decorate your interiors or just want a change in scenery, experimenting with home décor styles is a must. Before you get started, here’s why decorating your home is both an art and science.

Patterns and Styles

A lot of homeowners love to play with patterns, and patterns are governed by shape and symmetry. That’s science. However, it’s not all about balance. You need the right colors or shades to make your interiors pop. That’s where art comes in. You can play with patterns, but art helps you figure out which patterns work for your rooms. That’s because not every pattern is going to capture the vibe and personality of your home.

Lighting and Strategy

Home decor products in Scottsdale AZ can do a lot to brighten up the room and add a bit of whimsy or elegance to your interiors, depending on the ambiance you want to achieve. However, haphazardly putting in any lighting fixture you want isn’t going to be ideal. That’s where strategy comes in. If you’re going for an elaborate lighting fixture for a dramatic effect, science can help you position your lighting fixtures in your room in exactly the right way. When you calculate the proper height distance of your lighting in relation to your dining table or the floor, that’s your knowledge of science and numbers helping you show off your chandelier or pendant lighting to the best advantage.

Design and Endurance

When you shop for exterior light fixtures in Tucson AZ, you don’t just consider the way the lighting system looks. You’ll be picking out lighting options that hit the mark in terms of being the ideal match for the rest of the design or style you have throughout your home. That’s your artistic eye at work. But then you also need to consider which materials and options will provide you with longer lasting performance. What lighting fixtures will stand up best to the kind of wear and tear that’s common in your area? That’s you factoring in science when you check which options will stand up best to local weather conditions in your home.

These are just a few of the things you need to consider when you shop for home decor products in Scottsdale AZ. For excellent inventory and product updates, visit Premier Lighting.