Indoor Lighting Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

indoor lighting

Indoor lighting plays an important role when designing the interior of a new building or renovating an existing home. You should consider it before the project starts. It can’t be an afterthought.

The latest lighting trends should be considered in every lighting decision you make to ensure the project is successful. Otherwise, you might replace or repair out-of-date features six months later.

To help you create a long-lived and stylish solution, we’ve compiled the top four biggest indoor lighting trends you won’t want to miss.

1. Versatile LED’s

LED lights are powerful, efficient, and look super cool. Recently, they’ve become a “must-have” in modern homes. Incandescent bulbs waste more power than LED lights in the form of heat and aren’t environmentally friendly or efficient. That’s why most homeowners have recently shifted to LED lighting.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy LED lighting can reduce America’s energy usage by about 50%. LED lights are practical, unique, and trendy, too. You can get LED lighting in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors. So, shift to LED lighting to create a modern, bright ambiance in your home and save energy.

2. Black and Brass Finishes

Brass is a popular finish in all features of interior design. It’s found in kitchen appliances, home décor, and lighting fixtures. Brass is a fantastic way to finish your house with a sense of luxury in a Scandinavian or Empire style.

You can create a spot of warmth and comfort for yourself by pairing it with black for contrast. A black and brass lighting fixture is an excellent alternative to the usual gold and silver. It makes your interior design looks stylish and on-trend.

3. Eco-Friendly Lighting

Sustainable, eco-friendly, green; however, you refer to bettering the environment, it’s a lighting trend you can’t escape. Not only do homeowners prefer to use energy-efficient bulbs, but they’re choosing features manufactured from natural resources like bamboo and wood.

This trend is expressed in the design of your fixtures, too. Lamp designs made of large wood texture chandeliers and natural leaf patterns are increasingly popular.

4. Vintage Styles With a Modern Twist

Vintage styles with modern twists are making a comeback! We expect to see modern vintage fixtures having a cleaner look and new materials. A vintage-styled light fixture creates a unique focal feature in your home.

You can purchase vintage-styled light fixtures in different colors, sizes, and shapes. They’re energy conservative and give your home the sparkling vintage appearance that you’ll love.

Regardless of your budget and style, you can use indoor lighting to change how your interior home feels. Simply, get in touch with an expert to help you choose an effective and timely interior lighting design that will work best in your home. If you are ready for new indoor lighting, contact us today!