Switch Your Switches to Save Energy

Wall Switches

The U.S. Department of Energy is driving a campaign to “ditch the switch.” The addition of simple vacancy sensors can reduce your power usage by 30%. That’s not all your light switch can achieve for your utility bills in today’s innovative environment.


Dimmers are the dinosaurs of the lighting industry, but they still pack plenty of punch. They improve the atmosphere of a room in seconds at a negligible investment. They’re only suited to incandescent and LED lights—compact fluorescent lamps are equally efficient regardless of whether or not you have a dimmer, and their lifespan is shortened by this kind of switch. LEDs are exceptionally efficient, but dimmers push savings to new heights. Today’s dimmers can even control an array of lights on a single circuit.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are as good for your pocket as they are for your security. They ensure that risky pathways are always lit when in use, and they discourage burglars. Motion sensors use less power than photosensor HID security lights. Since the latter take 10 minutes to light, they make sloppy security features.

The Multi-Tasking Approach

If one solution works, two are even better, and today’s market is heaving with switches that do more than one job at once. Occupancy sensing wall switches with dual voltages and infrared are perfect solutions for our tendency of forgetting to turn off lights when we leave a room. They’re budget-friendly, too. An off-timer does the job at an even lower price.

A power efficient light switch will earn its investment price back within mere months, and the long-term savings are especially apparent in multifamily buildings. Switching your switches can bring savings of 60%, freeing your budget for other amenities your residents will appreciate.
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