What Do You Need to Know Before Installing Recessed Lighting?

indoor lighting

If you are looking for indoor lighting, there is no shortage of lighting from architectural, to pendant, and recessed lighting. Each has its pros and cons. However, recessed lighting is becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners, public institutions, and businesses.

Recessed lighting saves space and is aesthetically appealing. However, installation requires some caution and prior knowledge. For example, according to HGTV, recessed lighting fixtures require at least six feet of ceiling space, and you have to insulate to prevent condensation from dropping into the fixture. Here are four other things you should know before installing recessed lighting.

1. Brighter Lights Does Not Mean Installing Fewer Lights

Recessed light fixtures are placed at a distance from each other proportionate to the room size. You may assume that if you install brighter bulbs, you only need a few lights. Yet, spacing is more important than brightness. If you install spaced bright bulbs, you will have well-lit spots, while other areas will have poor lighting with shadows.

2. You Can Install Recessed Lighting During Construction

Most lighting fixtures are done after construction. However, recessed lighting is easy to do during construction. It will give you more flexibility in choosing where to place wiring and fixtures that create optimum indoor lighting conditions. However, you can also install recessed lighting fixtures after construction. Just ensure you use appropriate cutting tools.

3. Strategic Wiring Can Make Recessed Lights Independent

You could have four to six recessed lighting bulbs in a room. Yet sometimes you may prefer some ambient lighting. You can make the wiring strategic by grouping several bulbs in zones. That would allow you to turn on specific zones simultaneously for custom lighting.

4. Recessed Lighting Is Not Easy to Undo, so Do it Right the First Time

Recessed lighting is pretty permanent, especially the wiring. It is challenging to switch to a new placement. Sometimes, even the building codes do not permit covering wiring junctions. Therefore, ensure you love the current plan because it is hard to change it.

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