What Is Blue Light Hazard?

Concerns about light’s pernicious health effects are spreading as widely as the use of LEDs. You can buy software that prevents your computer from emitting blue light, and the lighting industry has worked hard to achieve warm, halogen-like hues. Blue-light hazard from solid-state lighting has been a concern of the occupational health industry since the disco era. It’s said to cause retinal reactions including inflammation, lesions, and cell death. Phototoxic response is speculated to be at its peak at 440 nanometers, but studies have produced scant evidence that LED lighting harms the eyes.

Research Behind Blue-Light Hazard

Blue light suppresses melatonin, the chemical that helps you to sleep at night. This effect can be devastating because it doesn’t only dictate your wakefulness cycles, but your organ function, too. This neurological hazard is so destructive that NASA is creating light-exposure schedules for its astronauts. Neuroscientist George Brainard links blue light exposure to depression, dementia, and eating disorders. While most of the chatter around shortwave light relates to eye damage, the most compelling studies are more consistent with Dr Brainard’s work. Delays in slow wave activity are seen after only half an hour of shortwave exposure.

The AMA Weighs In

The American Medical Association released a warning about blue-light hazard in 2013, and the Lighting Research Center’s recent study that suggests that LEDs don’t increase blue-light hazard risk. The AMA still advocates for color temperatures of 3000 K and above.

The entire truth about shortwave light will emerge in time. For the moment, appropriate light modulation that encourages circadian rhythm is certainly indicated. For people who suffer from migraines or seizures, warmer LEDs could help to prevent symptoms. Warm whites add a layer of ambiance, so if your health doesn’t win, your stylistic whims probably will.

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